Cat Litter Box Pads 16.9” x 11.4” 40 Pieces, Lavender Scent - Quick Drying and Ultra Absorbent

Sale price$39.99

Perfect Size:

  • 16.9” x 11.4”, 40 pieces, Lavender Scent
  • Fits into the Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Pads System (not included).
  • It’s also great for traveling when your pet needs an on-the-go toilet.

Disposable For Easy Cleanup:

  • Hate cleaning up your cat's litter box? One way to help make that chore easier is to place our cat litter pad underneath your cat’s litter.
  • For optimal use, replace the pad every two or three days.
  • Available in bulk quantities for the multiple kitty box households.

Ultra Absorbent& Odor Control:

  • Quickly absorbs urine, and helps to keep cats clean and dry.
  • Controls urine odor and provides a more pleasant-smelling environment.
  • Water-proof PE film design prevents any urine leakage.


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