Deodorizing Dog Training Pads - Coming Soon

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  • Experience fresh air with our deodorizing training pads.
  • Designed with a five-layer structure, these pads guarantee ultimate absorption, instantly locking in moisture to keep yourfloors dry and clean.
  • Featuring a durable, non-woven top layer that resists tearing, two tissue layers that prevent liquid from spreading, a core ofsuper absorbent polymer (SAP) for unparalleled moisture retention, and a waterproof plastic backing, our pads offerreliable protection against leaks.
  • Make toilet training for your furry friends hassle-free and effortless with our highly absorbent pads.
  • They're versatile enough for use in pad holders, dog crates, oreven as car seat covers.
  • ldeal for training puppies, or providing support to elderly, sick, or incontinent dogs, our pads ensure a cleaner, odor-freeenvironment for you and your pet.