Dog Training Pads 24" x 24" 50 Pieces, Lavender Scent - Quick Drying and Ultra Absorbent

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Perfect Size for Your Pet:

  • Includes 50 Regular-size Pads.
  • Overall dimensions measure 24" x 24", Lavender Scent.

No More Messy Clean-ups:

  • Hassle-free and easier toilet training for your furry pals with our training pads.
  • Perfect for training puppies or assisting aging, ailing, and incontinent dogs.
  • The potty pads allow usage in pad holders, pet beds dog crates, or pet car seat covers as you want.

Five Layers of Protection:

  • Our training pads are made up of five sturdy layers to ensure maximum absorption.
  • Including a tear-resistant quilted top layer, two absorbent polymers, a waterproof plastic sheet, and a quilted mesh layer.
  • Provides instant absorption to keep your floor dry.

Ultra Absorbent:

  • Each puppy pee pad is reinforced with a unique core material to lock in moisture, urine, and odor.
  • 200% more absorbent than regular pet pads.

Leak-Proof and Fast Drying:

  • The dog urine pads can easily hold up to 3 cups of water and utilize a polymer layer to instantly turn urine into a gel.
  • The surface adopts a new quick-drying material which provides immediate absorption to prevent leaking.


  • Made of degradable material.


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