Space Capsule Cat Litter Box

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Extra-Large Size:

  • Assembled: 21.60 x 17.80 x 17.30 inches.
  • Entrance size measures 9.44 X 8.15 inches.
  • Holds up to two small cats simultaneously.

    Multiple combinations:

    • 4-pcs split design creates different styles of cat litter box.
    • 2 pcs together will be a open cat litter boxes. One with high entrance, one with lower entrance. One for kitty, one for adult cat.
    • 3 pcs together will be a high sides cat litter box. Specially for big cat or cat likes standing pee.
    • 4 pcs togehter will be a hooded X-Large cat litter box. 

      Removable & Transparent Hood:

      • The high lid helps reduce litter leakage.
      • Your cats won't feel locked up or nervous under the transparent hood.

        Easy To Clean:

        • Non-stick surface for easy maintenance.
        • The removable lid is designed to provide quick and easy access for scooping and cleaning.


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              Color: Navy

              Anti-leakage Design

              • The litter box features leak-proof construction with sealed seams to prevent urine from seeping out, and keep your home furnishings clean.

              Super Large Space

              With abundant interior space, cats can turn and move freely in the litter box. It's designed for multi-cat homes and large breeds.

              Easy Scooping

              • With a spacious interior and large entrance, the litter box allows for easy waste removal by scooping or by taking the top off.

              Extremely Durable

              • Built to last with substantial, rigid materials and an extremely sturdy construction, this litter box is designed for long-term durability.

              No Hard-to-reach Angels

              • The smooth, rounded design of the litter box allows for easy cleaning without leaving any hard-to-reach angles.

              Transparent Lid

              • See the world worry-free! The transparent lid allows cats to observe their surroundings while using the litter box, preventing startling surprises for a peaceful potty experience.

              Multi Colors

              Seamlessly matches any décor! With 4 color options available, the litter box blends perfectly into all furniture schemes and seasons.