Deodorizing Cat Litter Box - Get Fresh Air in 10 Mins for 24/7

Sale price$79.99

Petfamily Space Capsule Deodorizing Cat Litter Box is equipped with a plug-in deodorizing module. It works 24 hours to help decompose the odor and keep the air fresh within the hooded litter box. With the smart sensor, your sensitive cat will enjoy a peaceful experience using this litter box undisturbed. 

The spacious interior is great for big cat or multi-cat families. Anti-leakage design and high sides prevent urine from seeping out, keeping your home furnishings clean.

If you need a regular Space Capsule Cat Litter Box, please click here.

        Color: Grey

        24 Hours Deodorizing

        • The continuous 24 hour plug-in operation ensures hassle-free all day use.

        Quiet Operation

        • With operating noise under 35 decibels, this odor remover creates a quiet environment for cats and parents.

        Detachable Design

        The easily assemble / removable deodorizing module enables convenient maintenance.

        Smart Sensor

        The deodorizing module enters standby when the smart sensor detects a cat approaches and restarts when they leave. It creates a peaceful environment for sensitive cats to use the litter box undisturbed.

        Anti-leakage Design

        • The litter box features leak-proof construction with sealed seams to prevent urine from seeping out, keeping your home furnishings clean.

        Easy Scooping

        • With a spacious interior and large entrance, the litter box allows for easy waste removal by scooping or by taking the top off.

        No Hard-to-reach Angels

        • The smooth, rounded design of the litter box allows for easy cleaning without leaving any hard-to-reach angles.

        Cost Saving

        No replacement filters or materials is required. Just take it home, plug it in and then enjoy a fresh cat litter box.